During the past 50 years of the civil rights movement, there has been no systematic discrimination on the legal level. However, bias, prejudice, and stereotypes against ethnic groups with different backgrounds are still serious. African Americans and other ethnic minorities did not have a qualitative improvement on the extent of economic and social status. On the one hand, these ethnic minorities are often treated without equal respect , and, on the other hand, they are not asked to take responsibility for individual acts like the other citizens. American pop culture, due to the protection of freedom of speech, has bred a number of extremely negative sub-culture features, which celebrate and extol violence and criminal behaviors against women, gays, Asian Americans, and other groups. This sub-culture has led people who want to pursue a sense of being cool a weakened or lost conscience of justice and humanity. The "Meet the Flockers" video instigates people to rationalize crimes against Chinese Americans under a sense of being cool. Such a violent culture is the main reason why the number of sexual crimes and burglaries against Asian Americans have increased rapidly in the past two years. In fact, African American communities are historically the largest victims of violent culture, and even those who perpetrate violence are long-term victims of this culture. Our Chinese American community must stand out and take leadership this time, unite with African Americans and other ethnic groups, and lead the mainstream society to break the shackles of political correctness and declare war against the dark violence culture.

Protests against Cultural Violence
Locations: Greater Washington DC, Philadelphia, New York, Boston, ...

Purpose of this Movement:
To protect the safety of Chinese families, to stimulate the improvement of American pluralistic society, and also to enhance their cultural public declaration. Chinese Americans reject the stereotype of being weak and intransigent, actively protect their legitimate rights and interests, deal with the common challenges, consider the overall interests of the larger society, and cooperate with the other communities to promote social and cultural development.

Internally, the Asian American community should rethink its lack of solidarity and sense of responsibility as a citizen. The Asian Americans should create a positive attitude of self-confidence and tolerance, and dare to defend the reasonable interests of themselves and others under our new culture.

On October 12th, when the Rapper YG hold his concert tour in Washington, DC, the anti-cultural violence protest will take place. We encourage people of all ethnic groups and the mainstream media to participate.

The New Civil Rights Alliance is a loose federation. The members of this alliance are brought together under the same umbrella of ideas. It was coordinated and started by the members of the Chinese American Summit. Its use of new media advantages will promote the success of the protest series, and internally enhance the community's participation and leading role in the mainstream society in the long-term.

  • This campaign disregards political factions, nor the personal and organizational interests of fame and fortune. Together, we will establish the cornerstone of community development and contribute to cultural upgrading of American society.
  • We hope that each person has a sense of mission, and do their best to create the history with the others.
  • All ethnic groups in the United States, stand out together and fight against the violent culture, for the sake of family security and well-being.