Our mission is to launch a New Civil Rights Advancement in order to build a new culture of civility, respect, and personal responsibility. Every individual should be treated with respect and not to be discriminated against, patronized, pandered to, or taken advantage of for political gain. Every individual should also be held accountable, while being respected, for their actions, regardless of their racial background. We should embrace great cultural values from all diverse racial groups but strongly denounce the ugly side of the cultural aspects that promote crime and heinous bias against each other.

After 50 years of the Civil Rights movement, discrimination is prohibited by law. However it failed to build a true equality for all individuals and true respect for each other at the cultural level. It also did not alleviate poverty in the inner city that is the breeding ground for problems such as crime. We did not address the cultural violence explicitly that continues to plague our society.

Our communities have been experiencing unprecedented change since 2013 at the grassroots level. It is problematic when we put our heads down and only take care of our own little space, or hope that all our public affairs are taken care of by others without our involvement. We are now learning and wondering what we can do, where we should go, and what the best solutions are for our communities and our nation, especially when these impact directly on our lives and the lives of our children. It is now the right time to organize and make our choices based on our values, principles, and vision for the long-term prosperity of this great nation.

A new civil rights advancement is needed to build a culture of civility, respect, and personal responsibility|