From The Washington Post:

"Meet the Flockers" drew little attention when it was released in 2014 on YG's debut album "My Krazy Life." Critical reviews - generally positive overall - mentioned the song only in passing, focusing instead on the album's four singles, one of which received platinum certification.

Now, more than two years after its release, a nationwide campaign has emerged to have "Meet the Flockers" banned and YG and his producers investigated by federal authorities.

In the past month, a coalition of advocacy groups and activists have taken aim at the song, arguing it perpetuates anti-Asian stereotypes and serves as little more than an instruction manual for robbing Asian American households.

"We have the First Amendment, but you can’t yell 'fire' in a theater," Cliff Li, one of the main organizers behind the effort, told The Washington Post. "This is teaching people how to hurt other people. This is worse than yelling 'fire' in a theater."

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