Ki Suk Han, A Father of One, Killed by Oncoming Q Train as He Tried to Pull Himself Up From Tracks; A Man is Accused of Pushing Him to His Death

A Korean American man, Ki Suk Han, a father of one, was killed by an oncoming train at the New York Subway system.  He was pushed by a man and he tried to pull himself up from the tracks.  However, he was not in time and was crushed by the oncoming train.  The family and community, especially members from the Korean American and Asian American communities, are overcome with sadness over his passing and vow that justice will be served.


The man who pushed Ki Suk Han to his death confessed to the crime and revealed how he was watching him from the platform. Suspect Naeem Davis, 30, told police:

"He wouldn’t leave me alone, so I pushed him."

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