New Civil Rights Alliance presidents Guanguang Ji, Yining Hou, and the CEO of the Pittsburgh Chinese Culture Center, held a meeting on the night of 12th October. They expressed their support for the Chinese American groups that will protest in Washington, DC, regarding "Meet the Flocker," a popular YouTube video which abets robbery against Chinese American families.

At the meeting, the Chinese Americans at Pittsburgh expressed their indignation at the various crimes currently taking place in the Chinese American community. They called on the police, the government, and the whole society to pay attention to this issue.

Participating Chinese Americans said that they will fight against the anti-Chinese crimes to the very end! For those who commit crimes regardless of the law, Chinese Americans will take all means possible to fight back, even by using necessary force in order to protect themselves.

It is clear that Chinese Americans will not be bullied! Chinese Americans will not be humiliated!

Chinese Americans will lead a new civil rights movement for the United States and the world, to create a more just society!


Pittsburgh Chinese Culture Center

Written by Guanguang Ji