Community vigilantes step up patrols in face of crime wave targeting Sacramento Asians

A shun patrols near south Sacramento area waited to capture the potential crimes among Asian people. They were not spate of robberies to report police because they would have to keep security for the area as their responsibility. A-shan and others tried to find reasons for targeting the Asian people such as the finance.

They tried to organize the group of WeChat for Chinese community to share the secure ways and report crimes to be convenient as a clue for police. One of volunteers said

We want to show we are a force. We want to reduce the loss of our compatriots and to prevent violence.

When the volunteers had already found the suspended crime but they were really afraid if they broke the law so they had not reported to the police. Sometimes police did not want to help Chinese people to seek the crime since they said

We're not as important.

Volunteers could not find the crime by themselves since they did not speak Chinese as the excuse for the police. They continued to call a group as the program of neighbors watch. They said

They just want to stop the crime against Asian community rather than spark a racial conflict. We don't want these patrols. We'd rather sit at home and watch TV, but only if the police did their jobs.